Our mission is to provide solutions for operational and strategic business performance, human performance, and I.T. requirements.

from our founder

Being the founder of Global Solutions International (GSI) allowed me a unique opportunity; It allowed me to dream…to create a vision for what I think a company should look like and how it should operate without any history, baggage, or traditional societal constraints. I was able to establish the values that have personal meaning to me and set out upon that course.

Responsibility has always been a strong, guiding value at GSI. I believe that businesses hold a particular responsibility towards the communities in which they operate, towards fellow citizens, and towards the health and sustainability of the planet we all share. Naturally, we take very seriously our responsibility to our stakeholders, and our duty to build a strong, sustainable business.

We have endeavored to build our businesses on a foundation of integrity and ethical conduct, with responsible management being an intrinsic part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We continue to reinforce this commitment, which is fundamental to our business success, enabling us to mitigate risk, create long-term value and earn the confidence of our customers, business partners, shareholders, employees, and the communities in which we operate.

Global Solutions International has a proud history of being a responsible employer, operating in an honest, principled, and disciplined manner. We pride ourselves on treating employees with dignity and respect and providing them opportunities for advancement. In turn, they consistently demonstrate high ethical standards, as well as a keen understanding of the need to protect the environment and contribute to economic prosperity, social well-being, and quality of life in the communities they call home.

our values

Leading Differently

Our consultants have a passion for going above and beyond to exceed your options, and we believe it will show.

Well-Known Team

We are an emerging leader in global management consulting with over 10 years of federal program experience.

Expert Advisor

At GSI, we provide our customers with Operational, Strategic and Integrated Solutions that meet and exceed their mission objectives.

our Services


Pioneering efforts in developing customizable processes, information technology solutions, and technical/business architectures to deliver full lifecycle business support services.

Specialized Contracts

Services related to ensuring strategic planning, implementation, coordination, integration, and evaluation of programmatic activities.

Leadership Development

Focusing on transforming organizations and their rapidly changing environments through organizational learning, knowledge management, and core values.

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