GSI Services

GSI is an emerging leader in, program management, management consulting, acquisition support, C5ISR/NLCC/NC3 support and strategic support in dynamic environments.

Under Advisory and Assistance (A&AS) Services GSI develops customizable processes, information technology solutions, and technical and business architectures—which allows our team to provide clients with tailored leadership required to architect, manage, protect, and oversee their organizations. GSI’s offerings deliver full lifecycle business support services to ensure success and continued growth.

Management Consulting

Pioneering efforts in developing customizable processes, information technology solutions, and technical/business architectures to deliver full lifecycle business support services.

Leadership Development

Focusing on transforming organizations and their rapidly changing environments through organizational learning, knowledge management, and core values.

Program Management

Focused on services related to leading, facilitating, and ensuring the strategic planning, implementation, administration, coordination, integration, and evaluation of programmatic activities.

Course Offerings

Agile Project Management

Business Analysis

Career Building


Computer Applications

Cyber Security

Data Analytics

Emergency Management

Emerging Technologies


Human Resource Management



Non-Profit Management

Project Management